Playwright’s Collaborative September 26 Comments: Betty and Lorraine at the Lucky Cafe

The Playwright’s Collaborative was back at the BIT for September 26, with Jack Kisor’s play “Betty and Lorraine at the Lucky Cafe” as the event.  Attendance was  a little lighter then usual (possibly due to the Ellys), but as usual the audience was focused and the commentary was keen.  Lots of good insights for everybody.

Typically I make it a point not to present any particular critique, just focus on the process.  But Jack’s play warrants a couple of comments.  This play has a heavy emphasis on sexual tension, with profanity. It was also a somewhat cerebral play.  In other words it’s intense.  Those two qualities require a lot from the actors and the audience.  Given that these readings have no stage cues or costumes, the whole thing is really about the actors and the dialog.  What I noticed about these particular actors is that they were emotionally available and totally in the moment.  In a word, they were believable.  I thought the whole thing came off really well.

For me this was another reminder that the play is bound by time, space, the ability of the actors and the needs and expectations of the audience.  Being able to write the play is only part of the work.  The need to be open to the audience’s needs and abilities cannot be underestimated in my opinion.

I am becoming convinced that attending these workshops is a good way to sharpen one’s wits.  You have to pay attention, and you have to step a little outside of the “normal” self.

Next up: Sunday, October 17th, 7 p.m., at the Lambda Theater, 1127 21st Street, Leo McElroy’s comedy, “Huegel’s Law,” will be read.

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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