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Got Milk?

I think that I shall never see
a cow as lovely as TV
That bovine glare is no abatement
my boredom seeks some entertainment
eternal stimulating bliss
photo phosphorescent kiss
No cow is equal substitution
For the TV revolution
For all the world’s a stage you see
And no cow’s as great as my TV

Scott Charles 1995


I once knew a man from Nantuckett
who carried his brains in a bucket
he said with a grin
wiping drool from his chin
If my heart were of wood I could chuck it

Scott Charles 1995

My favorite whine

I once knew a man from Burgonne
whose heart was as heavy as stone
he said with a sigh
as he started to cry
Were I able to smile I’d moan

Scott Charles 1995

Be Over There, Now

I only want the shadow
of who I might be
I only want the echo
of what I might say
I never want to see
the light of today
Because you know
I could be somebody
were I not me.

Scott Charles, 1994

Wrong Side Of The ( Cosmic ) Bed
[OR] Perhaps he sleeps, or is otherwise occupied

I woke up and went outside
therein found to my suprise
my idea for DNA
was noticibly compromised
I noticed that my rocks and trees
all my plants and all my breeze
were all usurped
Even as I paused the birds chirped!
That too was mine, I cried
And then the wonder of it all
Someone had the mighty gall
Enough to give my soul upheaval
They picked the Tree of Good and Evil!
So quite enough of this I said
and wandered right back into bed
These thieves I leave to their devices
hoping their huieristic crisis
doesn’t wake me.

Scott Charles, 1994


I knew a man with a wintery soul
A heart like October
Eyes like a summer day
and the reslove of springtime
He was truly a man
for all seasons

Scott Charles, 1994

And it comes out here

I am a tube for air
It passes thru me like a wind sock
In the lungs
and out the bums
and sometimes
the other way
(I often wonder which is worse)

Scott Charles 1995


I collect your words
like fallen leaves in October
Dry, apart from their source
they are dead
But the colors amuse me
So I graft them onto myself

Scott Charles 1995

Dry Season

There is a dry season of the heart
like a well losing its source
Soon all we pull up is mud
and then dust
All the while giving less
and less of ourselves
Unable to share our
Water of Life
Denying the cry of strangers
Then loved ones
And finally we are only a
dark hole leading nowhere
Waiting for someone to fall

Scott Charles 1995

Friendly Figure, Of Speech

I once knew a man metaphorical
He wasn’t exactly historical
But he was in the end
My only best friend
I wonder if that’s not ironical

Scott Charles, 1994

Breath of Wind, Heart of Stone

I once knew a man named Bartolomew
who occupied space in a meadow view
he said with a sigh
as the world passed him by
don’t forget I was young once like you

Scott Charles, 1994

The Peacock Man

I know a man who heaves great sighs
He wants a thousand peacock eyes
He wants to close them one by one
And dream until the morning comes
And when the dreamstate finally fades
He hurrys up to close the shades

Scott Charles, 1994

Coming and Going

I wished I had the rhythm
when the moment came
but instead
I came with the moment
and missed it

Scott Charles, 1994

Red Light Green Light

I knew a man
with a traffic light for a heart
I watched his mood
change from stop to start
And I told him
How he always got his signals crossed
And he would reply
I ‘m not to blame, it’s you who’s lost

Scott Charles, 1994

On my TV

What the hell is this I see
Alfred Prufrock, on my TV
With Edgar Allen Poe as guest
While Oscar Wilde speaks in jest
Mark Twain awaiting in the wings
I cannot say I like these things
There’s Jack and Bret and Henry: Oh.!
It’s much too much this new talk show!
I check the guide, for I am sure
I did not ask for lit’ra ture
On my TV !

I spin the dial, this isn’t fair
I wanted Ophra in that chair
But every channel it’s all the same
No Rickki Lake, or Dating Game
No MTV, or VH1
No touch downs or winning run
But there, whats that on Channel 10?
Oh crap it’s only CNN!
There’s no hope I know I’m lost
So now I’m stuck with Robert Frost
On my TV!

Had I known that this would be
The final use for my TV
I would’ve tried a bit more hard
And paid attention to the Bard
I would’ ve tried to think in rhyme
I would’ ve tried to sing in time
The text I would have read again
Moby Dick, Of Mice and Men
And then with Huxley I would see
A Brave New World
On my TV!

Scott Charles, 1994

Reflections of a Quantumn Love

Our black hole love has heat
but no light
Under the cover of that night
our hearts beat
In the event horizion of
our passion’s embrace
from which nothing escapes

Scott Charles, 1994

Heart’s Cloak, Love’s Dagger

If in the night we two should meet
we cloak ourselves in love’s deceit
Our secret word for love is sex
Our secret hearts the night protects
And later when we shed our skin
I’ll split my head and let you in
But never let there be a doubt
If I catch you there, you won’t get out

Scott Charles, 1994

All these poems are Copyright © 1994-2002 Scott Charles. Not to mention All rights reserved.

2 Responses to Poets Corner

  1. There was an old man of Madras
    Whose balls were made of fine brass.
    So in stormy weather
    They both clanged together
    And sparks flew out of his arse.

  2. There once was a lady of Totten
    Whose tastes grew perverted and rotten.
    She cared not for steaks
    Or for pastries and cakes
    But lived upon penis au gratin.

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