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A Living Universe: notes and comments

Sometime back in the late 1980s, at the suggestion of a friend, I read a book called “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” which got me started reading popular books on the science of physics. I followed that up by reading … Continue reading

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Self Portrait In Black And White by Thomas Chatterton Williams: notes and comments

Thomas Chatterton Williams’ new memoir Self-Portrait In Black And White examines the complexity, the pain, and the contradictory dynamics of “race” thoughtfully and articulately. He presents several broad themes: race is a question of class, the African experience in America … Continue reading

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The Act of Writing: A basic course: notes and comments.

Collapsible Chapeau? It’s an Opera Hat! I know this because a few weeks back I was doing the NYT crossword and one of the clues was “collapsible chapeau?” and I didn’t know the answer (hadn’t a clue, you know?) Anyway … Continue reading

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The Two Headed Dragon by Sean Hoag: notes and comments

I first head about “gay related immune deficiency” around 1980; I’m not sure of the exact year.  If I recall correctly there was some speculation  that “GRID” was somehow related to Legionnaires disease. The idea that it could be some sort of plague was hinted at.  It didn’t seem to be something I needed to worry about, but I didn’t dismiss it.  Continue reading

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Playwriting: a few notes and comments

A few years back I wrote a play called “Dinners With Augie,” which I have produced three times. Most recently in Tucson Arizona.  The notes below are a distillation of what I’ve learned from writing and producing that play, as … Continue reading

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Nick Gandiello’s “The Wedge Horse”: notes and comments

I’m going to recommend you see a play that I haven’t seen — in fact I’m going to strongly recommend you see it. And I’m not going to tell you what it’s about.  I know what it’s about because I’ve … Continue reading

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Making Light Comedy Fest: notes and comments

Comedy seems to me to be an amazing cultural phenomena.   In what other segment of the natural world do we see “comedy” other then in human beings?  Not just that, how far along in cultural development does a culture have … Continue reading

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Nicholas Thurkettle’s “Stages of Sleep”: notes and comments

Nicholas Thurkettle’s writing is finely tuned. Immediate, lyrical, and lean.  His work has elements of various American short-story masters — Damon Runyon comes to mind.  So does O. Henry. And particularly Ray Bradbury. In “Stages Of Sleep” Thurkettle offers up 15 … Continue reading

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The Water We Swim In: From Jesus to Miley and Back Again

Last week I went to see the KOLT production of “My Own Stranger.”  Among other comments I wrote that love and redemption were the two great themes of Western Civilization.   These two themes have emerged in the last two … Continue reading

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The Problem for President Barack Obama: Where’s The Upside?

My sense of things is that what we’re seeing right now is not Obama vs. Romney, it’s Carter vs. Reagan. And I think that gives Mr. Romney a big, big advantage. If Mitt Romney can keep his head above water, stay on the offensive, and get just a few more people to question Mr. Obama’s ideals, and his track record, he can win the election. Continue reading

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