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Augie: A Life

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June 07 2008 – February 2 2024   Goodbye little dog.  Thank you for sharing our life.  

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A Living Universe: notes and comments

Sometime back in the late 1980s, at the suggestion of a friend, I read a book called “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” which got me started reading popular books on the science of physics. I followed that up by reading … Continue reading

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Self Portrait In Black And White by Thomas Chatterton Williams: notes and comments

Thomas Chatterton Williams’ new memoir Self-Portrait In Black And White examines the complexity, the pain, and the contradictory dynamics of “race” thoughtfully and articulately. He presents several broad themes: race is a question of class, the African experience in America … Continue reading

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The Act of Writing: A basic course: notes and comments.

Collapsible Chapeau? It’s an Opera Hat! I know this because a few weeks back I was doing the NYT crossword and one of the clues was “collapsible chapeau?” and I didn’t know the answer (hadn’t a clue, you know?) Anyway … Continue reading

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The Illustrated Hen: A Novel by Scott Charles

“The Illustrated Hen” has just been published! So far the reviews are five stars on GoodReads. The launch party hosted a packed house. Copies of “The Illustrated Hen” are available at 3L Publishing.

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The Two Headed Dragon by Sean Hoag: notes and comments

I first head about “gay related immune deficiency” around 1980; I’m not sure of the exact year.  If I recall correctly there was some speculation  that “GRID” was somehow related to Legionnaires disease. The idea that it could be some sort of plague was hinted at.  It didn’t seem to be something I needed to worry about, but I didn’t dismiss it.  Continue reading

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B Street Theatre’s production of Basil Kreimendahl’s “We’re Gonna Be OK”: notes and comments

The thing about the cold war was that it was like that monster under the bed, except it was real.  You didn’t ever actually see it, but it was always there.  It was scary, and there wasn’t anything you could … Continue reading

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B Street Theater’s production of “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?”: notes and comments

B Street Theater’s production of Edward Albee’s  “Who’s Afraid Of Virgina  Woolf?” is an outstanding piece of work.  Three hours of very intense theater — and well worth the investment. Everything about the work was well-orchestrated — the set, the … Continue reading

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Playwriting: a few notes and comments

A few years back I wrote a play called “Dinners With Augie,” which I have produced three times. Most recently in Tucson Arizona.  The notes below are a distillation of what I’ve learned from writing and producing that play, as … Continue reading

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Sara Porter: Story Telling Through Dramatic Movement

Sara Porter’s “Sara Does A Solo”  (San Francisco International Arts Festival May 20th and 22nd) might have been titled “Sara Tells A Story.” The essence of her performance is story telling through dramatic movement.  She incorporates dynamic rhythm, punctuated with … Continue reading

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