Friday, Sept 24th: Mystery beer. Pizza at Tulis. Music. It’s all good.

Friday night. Mystery beer tasting.  What beer?  You’ll see.  Then dinner. Where? Pizza.  Tuli’s.  I said “beer list”.  Nope.  He’ll tell you.  OK.  Long list.  A slight hesitation on our part.  He (Sanford) said, “beer geeks?” Yes.  Sarah Smile.  He said “Mikkeller Monk’s Brew” — better than St. Bernardus.  Say What?! Doobie Brothers. We said you had at us “beer geeks”.  Pizza: Luchador. Carnitas flat crust pizza.  The Mikkeller?  Incredible; herbs, champagne yeast, slight hint of tobacco?  Oak?  Reminded us of the mystery beer, we both said.  Happy? Very. Desert? OK. Banana Cream Pie tartlette.   Mercy Me? You got that right.  More to come? You can count on it.  Cheers.

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