CrossFit: in progress, variations, and decisions

A while back I did 5 rounds of 1 arm 3 KB snatches + 5 half-height kb swings, 10 24 inch box jumps (first the right arm, 10 box jumps, then left arm, then 10 box jumps) and a 200m run.  Total time was 17:30 (which I mistakenly wrote down as 16:30.)  Not a bad time, but I saw lots of 15 minute times.  It was a tough slog (in 100 d heat too.)  The 200m runs were the toughest.  I just could not get going.  I wasn’t running, I was shuffling at a brisk pace.

A few days after that I decided I needed to approach stamina training with some planning.  I set a goal of being able to row 500m in 1:40 (which is 100 seconds.)  Not easy, but possible.  When I first stated tracking my row times, I was at 2:07 for 500m.  Then I got to 1:57.  The best time so far is 1:56.  I had been doing 250m rows with a goal of keeping the pace at sub 1:50, which I can do.  I even got down to sub 1:40 a couple of times. If I could keep that up for 500m I’d be at my goal. Anyway a one second improvement counts.

Last week I wanted to try a variation of Cindy (which is 5 kipping pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats — max number of rounds for 20 minutes.) My previous best was 11 1/2; competent athletes are doing 20 or more (which is 1 round per minute or better.)  I decided I would reduce the intensity by doing push-ups from the knees instead of the full body version.  And I would only do 5 rounds for time; I figured I would come in near 5 minutes.  No.  It was 6:39.  Which comes down to 2  1/2 second per rep as opposed to 2 seconds.

Next workout I did a WOD that had 30-20-10 of jumping lunges, 20# dumbbell push presses (Rx was 30) and abmat situps.  So a total of 180 reps.  I noticed several 5 minute times on the board, and 1 sub-five minute time.  My time was 7:40.

My point about all this is that my stamina — which is to say my ability to bring a steady level of effort to bear on the work — is not where I would like it to be.  I can feel myself fading — a good analogy would be “the wind going out of my sails.”  I’m making some headway (no pun?) but I think I need more focus on endurance exercises.  By “endurance” I mean high intensity over shorter time spans, not “marathon” efforts.

The other consideration here is injury.  I had actually stayed away from CF for about two weeks because my shoulder felt like someone had hit it with a mallet.  I went to the doctor, had some X-rays, but no apparent injury was detected (at least to the bone.)  But it hurt.  So I was careful to avoid anything that would aggravate the problem.  It seems to have worked, insofar as the recent dumb-bell presses didn’t cause any noticeable problems.

So: stamina, injuries — what to do? My solution is to start focusing on rowing, along with basic high intensity body-weight exercises, and get way serious about flexibility.

Regarding flexibility, as near as I can tell the squat is probably the most fundamental movement one can engage in.  The better the squat, the stronger the potential for strength.  When I say “squat” I mean getting all the way into it: full-depth butt-to-calves.  The other flexibility exercise I want to focus on is the bridge.

In other words I need to revisit all the basic stuff that I started to ignore because it wasn’t glamorous enough to satisfy my ego.

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  1. Kolor says:

    Hey everyone,Shoreline Crossfit has dtcdiaeed once class a week to the Master’s Wod posted on your website. Our clients are super pumped about the program and the word is spreading like wild fire in our box!All this would not have been possible without the online community that everyone has built over the last few weeks and CrossFit for taking the bold step of age grouping. So on behalf of SCF, we thank you for taking the lead and building a platform for maters athletes to gage their performance nationwide.Best,Dave

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