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Big Idea Theater’s Production of Itamar Moses’ “Outrage”: notes and comments

Big Idea Theater’s production of Itamar Moses’ “Outrage” is huge fun: well acted, well directed and beautifully staged. The cast includes a lot of familiar faces; there are 15 actors total, playing 24 parts (including chorus) : Jouni Kirjola, Ryan Snyder, Jes … Continue reading

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Celebration Arts Theater Production of Mark Medoff’s “Tommy J & Sally”: notes and comments

Celebration Arts production of Mark Medoff’s “Tommy J & Sally” opens with anger, and ends with a capitulation. Anthony Person’s “Tommy J” (aka Thomas Jefferson) is articulate, vibrant, creative and possessed of a wicked sense of irony.  He has a reason … Continue reading

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The Water We Swim In: From Jesus to Miley and Back Again

Last week I went to see the KOLT production of “My Own Stranger.”  Among other comments I wrote that love and redemption were the two great themes of Western Civilization.   These two themes have emerged in the last two … Continue reading

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KOLT Run Creations production of My Own Stranger: notes and Comments

KOLT’s “My Own Stranger” is a great piece of theater. The stage on opening night was the Alex Bult Gallery in Midtown, which had Picasso, Monet, Goya, Joan Miro as backdrop. A beautiful setting.  And quite appropriate. The play consists of … Continue reading

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To Infinity and Beyond! Phoebe Hearst’s Production of “Toy Story”

…any given audience member has the opportunity to actively participate in the “enjoyment” of the play (whatever that means to them) and can have the added benefit of recognizing something useful about themselves, their society, or the larger world they live in. In this context “useful” means something that allows them the benefit of self-actualization. It could be a small thing, a mere sentiment, or an epiphany that changes their perspective forever. Continue reading

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Bob and Ro’s production of Ralph Tropf’s “The Shadow Hour”: notes and comments

Last Friday I stopped in to see Bob and Ro’s production of “The Shadow Hour” at the Studio Theater.  I had never been to The Studio Theater, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  A great little theater. “The Shadow Hour” is a … Continue reading

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Missoula Children’s Theater: notes and comments

Last year MCT came to Theodore Judah Elementary School to do “The Princess and the Pea.” It was a great show. The girl playing the Princess had a long dialog near the end of the play, which she delivered without dropping a line. I could see the stress building up a little bit as she got near the end. When she got finished you could see how proud she was of herself. Continue reading

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Crossfit: warriors, theater, discipline

To be successful at crossfit, or theater, or anything that requires the extension of one’s abilities, requires 100% commitment. Developing that kind of committed mind requires patience, determination. Continue reading

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KOLT Run’s Production of Smudge by Rachel Axler: notes and comments

The dialog is intense, a bit wacky, and seamlessly delivered on time. Everybody hits their mark and stays in character. The fact that the production is so well done is actually a problem. Because now we have to take it seriously and ask, “what the heck is this play really about?” Continue reading

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Big Idea Theater: Killer Joe notes and comments

Big Idea Theater’s production of Tracy Lett’s “Killer Joe” is a rollar-coaster ride of a play.  It moves fast, the dialog is crisp, the story straightforward.  The plot is not complicated; it has a twist here and there, but it’s totally accessible. … Continue reading

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