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Celebration Arts production of David Mamet’s “Race”: notes and comments

I’ve been thinking lately that it’s really quite easy to convince someone of something they already believe to be true.  The reason I came to that conclusion, and why such an obvious truism should need to be restated, will be … Continue reading

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Big Idea Theater’s Production of Itamar Moses’ “Outrage”: notes and comments

Big Idea Theater’s production of Itamar Moses’ “Outrage” is huge fun: well acted, well directed and beautifully staged. The cast includes a lot of familiar faces; there are 15 actors total, playing 24 parts (including chorus) : Jouni Kirjola, Ryan Snyder, Jes … Continue reading

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Celebration Arts Theater Production of Mark Medoff’s “Tommy J & Sally”: notes and comments

Celebration Arts production of Mark Medoff’s “Tommy J & Sally” opens with anger, and ends with a capitulation. Anthony Person’s “Tommy J” (aka Thomas Jefferson) is articulate, vibrant, creative and possessed of a wicked sense of irony.  He has a reason … Continue reading

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KOLT Run’s Production of Smudge by Rachel Axler: notes and comments

The dialog is intense, a bit wacky, and seamlessly delivered on time. Everybody hits their mark and stays in character. The fact that the production is so well done is actually a problem. Because now we have to take it seriously and ask, “what the heck is this play really about?” Continue reading

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Belen Fernandez: Coffee with Hezbollah; comments and notes

The Middle-East is a strange place.  That’s the conclusion I came to after reading Belen Fernandez’s recent book “Coffee with Hezbollah.”  If I had to sum up the book in a few words, I’d say it’s a combination of “Fear … Continue reading

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Belen Fernandez: The Imperial Messager; Thomas Friedman At Work

Before I talk about Belen Fernandez’s book, The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman At Work, I want to relate a story from my childhood.  When I was about four years old I was watching a movie on television about the American Civil War. … Continue reading

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