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EMH Production of Michelle Lowe’s “String of Pearls”: notes and comments

One thing I tend to ask myself when I’m watching a play is how will the work change my behavior.  After watching Scarlet O’Conner in last night’s performance of “String of Pearls” I don’t think I’ll be using the word … Continue reading

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Big Idea Theater’s Production of Itamar Moses’ “Outrage”: notes and comments

Big Idea Theater’s production of Itamar Moses’ “Outrage” is huge fun: well acted, well directed and beautifully staged. The cast includes a lot of familiar faces; there are 15 actors total, playing 24 parts (including chorus) : Jouni Kirjola, Ryan Snyder, Jes … Continue reading

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Celebration Arts Theater Production of Mark Medoff’s “Tommy J & Sally”: notes and comments

Celebration Arts production of Mark Medoff’s “Tommy J & Sally” opens with anger, and ends with a capitulation. Anthony Person’s “Tommy J” (aka Thomas Jefferson) is articulate, vibrant, creative and possessed of a wicked sense of irony.  He has a reason … Continue reading

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Ovation Stage’s Production of Sam Shepard’s “Buried Child”: Notes and Comments

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are people in this world who see the world differently then most people see it.  Nor should it come as a shock that some of them, while entirely functional as people, … Continue reading

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EMH Production of Lee Blessing’s “Down the Road”: notes and comments

Lee Blessing’s “Down the Road” seems to me to be the definitive antithesis of what is popularly called a “thriller”.  The pace is even, moderate, and much of the time the story is mundane.  The people in the play are … Continue reading

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The Water We Swim In: From Jesus to Miley and Back Again

Last week I went to see the KOLT production of “My Own Stranger.”  Among other comments I wrote that love and redemption were the two great themes of Western Civilization.   These two themes have emerged in the last two … Continue reading

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KOLT Run Creations production of My Own Stranger: notes and Comments

KOLT’s “My Own Stranger” is a great piece of theater. The stage on opening night was the Alex Bult Gallery in Midtown, which had Picasso, Monet, Goya, Joan Miro as backdrop. A beautiful setting.  And quite appropriate. The play consists of … Continue reading

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CrossFit: “did” vs. “didn’t” — seeking the right perspective on results

The thing about CrossFit is that it’s focused on results.  Workouts are measured across time, repetitions, and workload.  Measurement is an integral part of the CrossFit culture of fitness.  So (at least for me) it’s really easy to focus totally on … Continue reading

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CrossFit: What to do when the wheels fall off

CrossFit is a combination of physical and mental fitness.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what the failure point actually is.  Yesterday I set my workout for: a twelve minute time limit of 75 wall balls at 20# with a 7-8 ft target, … Continue reading

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CrossFit: Peak Fitness Revisited

A while back someone asked me if my goal for my workouts was to get good at CrossFit.  The answer is no.  For me, CrossFit was (and is) a means to an end.  That end is “fitness.”   The big problem is … Continue reading

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