Crossfit: peak performance revisited

The CrossFit NorCal Regionals are over.  CrossFit East Sacramento came in fifth place.  They won’t be going on to the games, but they made sure that those that are going are worthy of the trip.  That’s the very best kind of competition: the kind that enriches everybody.

I’m not likely to ever make it past the open.   But that’s OK.  Because achieving my peak performance does not guarantee that my ability will be superior, or even interesting, to other people.  I am not particularly concerned with that.  What I am particularly concerned with is knowing that I am just as serious about my performance as the  best Crossfit  athletes.

“Serious” means I have the emotional strength and the mental discipline to actually get to a higher level of fitness.  The question of “serious” always comes down to one thing: the ability to find failure. And get past it.  Wherever that leads.  In practical terms this means getting to exhaustion while avoiding unnecessary injury.

During the first Open WOD (max burpees in 7 minutes) I felt a sharp pain in my right upper arm.   It wasn’t debilitating, so I continued and got 74 burpees.  I didn’t notice any pain again for a while.  Then a couple of weeks ago it flared up again while doing burpees. After that it was sore every day.  My doctor determined it’s a slight tear in my deltoid muscle, as opposed to a more serious rotator cuff injury.  In other words I have a sore shoulder.  If I’m careful it will heal and I’ll be back to 100%.


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