Crossfit: fighting inertia and not quitting

The other day I was on Facebook, and noticed a Crossfit Lisabeth blog about Chris Spealler.  Spealler came from behind and secured a spot at the 2012 Crossfit Games.   It’s a big deal because Spealler is a smaller athlete competing with much bigger guys.   I told myself next time I felt like quitting during a WOD, I wouldn’t.  By “quitting” I mean running the clock down, giving up and waiting it out.  Fighting that kind of inertia is a real challange for me. It robs me of so much opportunity to excel. 

That day we had a tough WOD.  We had 3 round at 6 minute each of max reps: 10 burpees 5 deadlifts, 10 wall balls 10 toes-to-bar, 10 kb swings 5 box jumps.  So 18 minutes max reps with 1 minute between rounds.  I used a 145# bar for the dl, a 44# kb, a 12# wall ball, a 24 inch tire for the box jumps.  The good news is that particular WOD is something I could do.  I had high expectations.

The bad news: my right shoulder gave out at burpee #5.  In other words just a few seconds into the WOD and I’m feeling in trouble.  My form deteriorated and I was really slow.  I got through 4 rounds.  Each burpee hurt.  The deadlifts were a relief. 

One minute rest, then wallballs and t2b.  had started with a 20# ball, couldn’t manage it because of the pain, switched to 12#.  At some point I noticed my right Achilles tendon was on fire.  My t2b was in poor form.  By the time I got to the KBs and box jumps I was disappointed and tired.

For me a 44# kb is about the edge of my skill set.  I have used 53# in practice but I’ve never gone beyond 44# in a WOD.  Getting to that 10th swing was a big challange.  By the 4th round I was ready to give up.  I actually said it: “I’m done.”  I was going to quit, with time on the clock.  I felt like I had been in a microwave set on “high”, like I was going to exploded.  I was actually scared. So I said I was done. 

Blake was running the WOD; he said something like “what?” and just looked at me.  And I remembered what I had promised myself: that I would not quit.  I thought about Chris Spealler and I told myself I had to go back to it.  I managed 10 more kb swings.  Had I not paused I could have got the 5 box jumps too.  Next time.


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