Crossfit: ego vs. performance revisited

The other day we were practicing power snatches.

Which I’m not all that good at.  I thought I understood the move because it was part of the Crossfit Open WODs.  But I could hardly mange it during a recent WOD (“Hope”.)  During the drill I noticed a young woman (Cori P.) off to my right doing hang power cleans.  Cori is a great athlete; she also happens to be a smaller athlete. My attention was divided (not a good thing) and at one point I noticed she was doing 135#. HPC are one of things I’m working on (it’s part of the Level I test) and I haven’t mastered the movement.   So I made a mental note to ask her about what she was doing.

Anyway I struggled through the snatches, switching back and forth between 75# hang-power snatches, power snatches, trying to get a rhythm going.  I made some progress.  But not much.   Mostly I was getting the bar up to high shoulder level and pressing it up.

The next day I went in we did a 20 minute amrap of 200m runs and 250 rows with a partner.  Pam and I did 8 3/4 rounds, which is good (on par with the other teams.) A great workout, and I was satisfied with the results.

After the WOD I noticed Cori P. coming in, so I talked to her and she confirmed that it was 135#.  I asked her how much she weighed — 115 lbs.  I admit I have mixed feelings about seeing a 115# women doing 135# hang power cleans while I’m struggling with 95#.  I’m happy to see that level of skill and strength.  It’s an inspiration.  But I outweigh Cori by 30 lbs and I can’t get 135# past my waist.

A few minutes later I was talking to another very good athlete, a guy known as “Big” Rob (he is actually really big, like Mr. Incredible) and I mentioned being somewhat frustrated with not being able to perform better.  As it so happens Big Rob was helping Brooke run the CFES On-Ramp class on my first day at crossfit.  His reply to my comment about feeling bad about my current performance was that my real comparison should be where I started from.  He pointed out that on my first day my performance was so bad he was surprised I stuck it out.   He’s right about how bad it was, that’s for sure.  It was hilariously bad; I could tell.  I came in at 16 or so. Of course 1 month later I did the same WOD in 8 minutes.  And the progress has continued.

I know Rob is right about the comparison.   But still, the gap is way too large. At least that’s how it feels.  Is that ego? Probably.

Today I did 7 rounds of 10m-20m-30m-40m suicide runs, 8 burpees and 12 box jumps (20 inch box.) Total time: 28:16.


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