Re-Cycle: 100 Short Essays on the Sport of Cycling

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Re-Cycle: 100 Short Essays on the Sport of Cycling!

A few of my friends are cyclists.  These folks are really dedicated to the sport. By that I mean they enjoy the art cycling, the rigorous discipline, the technical details, the lore.  They respect the sport.

I’m linked up to a few of them on Facebook, and they are always posting the most marvelous photos, stories, and exploits.  I got to thinking that it would be great if those stories could be collected and published.  Ordinary athletes talking about what they love about cycling.

So that’s what I’m going to do — offer cyclists a chance to tell their story and get published. If I can collect 100 stories I’ll publish them in a eBook.  I need to work out details on that, so stay tuned.

You can submit as many as you like.  If you happen to have your own blog and want to submit some of your content, let me know and we’ll work something out.

And don’t forget to send along photos as well!

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